Impacts of climate change on tropical wetlands: tracking the evolution of two Andean lakes and a floodplain cienaga in Colombia

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Corpoboyacá: is the Autonomous Environmental Corporation in charge of protecting lake's basin, this governmental institucion aims for the "implementation of policies, plans, programs and projects about environmental and renewable natural resources, according to regulations, standards and guidelines dictated by the MINISTRY OF THE ENVIRONMENT."
Corpoboyacá (GIS): GIS with several layers of information for the jurisdiction of Corpoboyacá, including Tota´s basin.
Causa Tota: this website, in spanish, provides access to several documents in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel formats. Aims for the recovery and preservation of Tota lake's basin with rational criteria
Xiwa_Tota: this site gives some information about hydrology, soils, biochemistry, fauna and other aspects related with tota's basin
Municipaly of Aquitania: this is the official website of the Municipality of Aquitania, within the lake´s basin
Weather forecasts and statistics for Sogamoso from the Norwegian Meteorologic institute
Volunteer School for Water- VSWater: This school offers support through international volunteers from diverse origind and backgrounds, to existing or planned CEPA* programs in Lake Tota's watershed.