Impacts of climate change on tropical wetlands: tracking the evolution of two Andean lakes and a floodplain cienaga in Colombia

External Links Ayapel

CorpoAyapel: NGO devoted to social service, health and education in Ayapel
Municipality of Ayapel: This is the official website of the Municipality of Ayapel, in this webpage, in spanish, you will find several information related to the project such as: documents, maps and photos
Ayapel es virtual: In this website, in spanish, you will be able to find information about research made in the floodplain wetland of Ayapel and the rural zone of the Municipality of Ayapel
Weather forecasts and statistics for Ayapel from the Norwegian Meteorologic Institute
Corporación Autónoma Regional de los valles del Sinú y del San Jorge (CVS): Official website of the Autonomous Environmental Corporation in charges of protecting Ayapel's basin, this governmental institution aims for the " implementation of policies, plans, programs and projects about environmental and renewable natural resources, according to regulations, standards and guidelines dictated by the MINISTRY OF THE ENVIRONMENT."