Lake La Cocha (Guamues)

La Cocha is, in extension, the second natural Andean lake in the Colombian territory. Located in the department of Nariño, with a water surface of 45 km2, the Lake is part of the Ramsar Convention, as a sanctuary for migratory birds. Agriculture, tourism and fish farming are controlled activities within La Cocha. The Municipality of El Encano, which is located within the basin, is the main contributor of nutrients to the Lake. For its protected status, La Cocha represents a reference case to understand the effects of climate variability in a low intervened environment that allows to compare its evolution with other Andean lakes such as like Lake Tota. The PEER project is interested in modeling the hydrology of La Cocha, understanding the correlation with ENSO and PDO indices and projecting its future under different climate change scenarios.

Water Bodies

Meteorological Station Chalet Guamues
Sample Time:2016-01-11 19:10:00
Temperature:12.7 °C
Rainfall: 0 cm


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