Floodplain Cienaga of Ayapel

The Floodplain Cienaga of Ayapel is part of a large complex of marshes and wetlands located in the Momposina depression on flats and floodable areas of the department of Cordoba, between the Cauca and San Jorge rivers. The Cienaga's extension varies throughout the year, due to local rainfall and evaporation patterns that changes the level and volume following a natural flooding pulse. This pulse is associated with diverse ecosystems and socio-economic activities such as fishing, livestock, agriculture, and tourism. There is a growing concern about the future of the Cienaga and its ecosystems, mainly due of the boom of gold mining activities that use mercury, and due to changes in the flooding regime due to engineering interventions along the Cauca river. The PEER project is interested in modeling the behavior of the Cienaga under different scenarios of climate and environmental change, including the actors that affect or are affected by the changes in the flooding pulse.

Water Bodies

Meteorological Station Mi Ranchito
Sample Time:2015-11-24 12:50:00
Temperature:31.5 °C
Rainfall: 0 cm

Hydrologic Graphs

In this section you will find graphs of hydrological variables measured at "Mi Ranchito" station, located nearby the Floodplain Cienaga of Ayapel.

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